Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glenn Beck: Fundamental Transformation

America is at a crossroads. We have known this for 10 years now but after each tragic event or “bubble” America has gone back to sleep because we wanted to believe that we could have it all and “it just isn’t as bad as they say.” Our gut however, has told us that it was time to wake up and use what used to be known as “common sense.” It is what Americans from all points of the political compass meant when focus groups gave every politician the presidential campaign slogan, change.

After spending years, and thousands of man-hours, in research, reflection, and prayer, my team and I have come to realize that a “Fundamental Transformation” is required. While it is just as powerful, it’s also the polar opposite of what President Obama touted last election. President Obama and the progressive ruling class of both parties believe in the collective planned society. I believe America’s answers are to be found with, by, and in the individual American honestly pursuing happiness not in 2,000 page bills.

If one is looking for a “collective” based solution it can be found in the phrase: America is great because America is good. When we look for our answers in Washington we ask our politicians or parties to “make us good.” They cannot. But we can, must, and will. The secret our Founders understood was that America is good because individual Americans are honest, just, thrifty, responsible, educated, charitable and God fearing. Read more at www.glennbeck.com...


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