Thursday, February 24, 2011 is holding a 50 State speak-out against Republicans

To email subscribers (Hat tip: Jan W. @ Oregon Conservative):

    Say no to Republican budget cuts
    Tomorrow in Portland
    Host: <>, MoveOn member
    Where: Senator Wyden's Portland Office (in Portland)
    When: Thursday, Feb. 24, at 11:45 AM
    What: In dozens of state legislatures and in Congress, Republicans are proposing massive cuts to education, police, emergency responders, and vital human services—instead of asking big corporations and millionaires to pay their fair share. This is a moment for national action, so we're holding Invest in America speak-outs tomorrow (Thursday) and will follow them up with rallies in all 50 state capitals on Saturday.
Here's the new SEIU fight song...

[The music group] Dropkick Murphys release new song in support of Wisconsin workers!
    "Take 'Em Down"
    He'll put us down
    You've gotta stand your ground
    When the boss comes calling
    Don't believe their lies
    When the boss comes calling
    He'll take his toll
    When the boss comes calling
    Don't you sell your soul
    When the boss comes calling
    We gotta organize

    Let them know
    We've gotta take the bastards down
    let them know
    We've gotta smash 'em to the ground
    Let them know
    We've got to take the bastards down


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