Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red State: Jamie Gorelick to be nominated for FBI Director?

Fox Nation reports that Jamie Gorelick is on the Obama administration’s short list for new FBI Director. Gorelick’s political rap sheet is a thing of wonder: it includes Fannie Mae, Countrywide Loans, defending Duke University after the lacrosse case, (most infamously) the Gorelick Wall - and these days she’s the defense lawyer for British Petroleum. Which basically means that Gorelick brackets the entire political spectrum in terms of offensiveness, from conservative to progressive. Not a full bracket, of course. There are no reports that the woman is also involved in piracy, human trafficking, the international drug trade, and/or arms smuggling, after all… but then, there are only twenty-fours in the day, and seven days in the week. Read more at Red State...


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