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Review of Dorchester 2011

Dorchester News Network (E-edition)
March 10, 2011
(Hat tip: Carolyn Webb)

Thank You Dorchester Delegates
Another successful Dorchester Conference is in the books and we would like to thank the more than 500 registrants who contributed to the great dialogue and fun. The Dorchester Conference is about creating an enjoyable experience for attendees and, based on this year's feedback, we succeeded. ∴ From great speeches by Congressman Greg Walden and U.S. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to a thought provoking Founder's Speech by Rob Cornilles and robust discussions on all our issue debates, delegates enjoyed a robust discussion once again. ∴ The Dorchester Conference received a good bit of coverage over the course of the weekend. Below are a few notable news stories on this past weekend.

Results of Issue Discussions and Presidential Straw Poll

Below are results of voting on the five issue discussions and this year's Presidential Preference straw poll:

Issue #1: Congress Should Ban Earmarks
    Yes 81.48%
    No 18.52%
Issue #2: Education Reform (priority ranking)
    A-F grading of schools 18.04%
    Disability scholarships 12.61%
    Tax credit scholarships 17.58%
    Teacher licensure 16.10%
    Every 3rd grader reads 22.07%
    Incentive pay and AP success 13.59%
Issue #3: Congressional Priorities
    Social Security reform 20.48%
    Create jobs 21.29%
    Clean up Congress 9.64%
    Allow state use of federal lands 48.59%
Issue #4: The State of Oregon Should Ban the Use of Plastic Grocery Bags
    Yes 7.93%
    No 92.07%
Issue #5: The Tea Party Will Have a Lasting Effect on American Politics
    Yes 87.5%
    No 12.50%
Straw Poll: Which Presidential Candidate Would You Vote For?
    Haley Barbour 2.67%
    Mitt Romney 22.67%
    Mitch Daniels 29.33%
    Newt Gingrich 6.22%
    Mike Huckabee 10.22%
    Sarah Palin 18.22%
    Ron Paul 4.89%
    Tim Pawlenty 3.56%
    Barack Obama .44%
    Donald Trump 1.78%
Thank you for helping 'Dorchester Gives Back' ∴ We are proud to announce that, thanks to your support, "Dorchester Gives Back" raised $2,450 in support for Operation Uplink which provides free phone time to active duty military personnel and hospitalized veterans.

Thank You!

About Dorchester
The Dorchester Conference is America's oldest annual political conference. Then-State Representative Bob Packwood founded the conference in 1965. Packwood invited Republicans from around the state to the Dorchester House in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Since its inception, Dorchester has sought to have lively debate among political activists about timely issues facing the state, nation and world. Many major issues have made repeat visits, sometimes taking on different forms given the decade. Property tax limitations, sales taxes, financial support for education, and abortion are a few examples of issues debated at early Dorchester Conferences as well as more recent ones.

The lively debate, intellectual conversation, humor, and camaraderie result in hundreds of Oregonians registering for the Conference each year. Dorchester is the only grassroots political conference of its kind in the nation and still thrives as it approaches its golden anniversary.

Encouraging participation and underlining the fun of politics have been two of the keys to the conference's longevity.

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