Thursday, March 17, 2011

SB 255 will weaken Oregon's Charter Schools

Oregon Conservatives/fb, 3/16/2011 posted by Jeff Reynolds - Statement from Rob Kremer - Don't be deceived by OR SB 255, which will WEAKEN CHARTER SCHOOLS IN OREGON.

    Don't be deceived by the Education Lobby's "less controversial" charter school bill! ∴ SB255, a bill that makes some changes to the charter school law, passed out of committee yesterday. ∴ This bill is the product of interim meetings held by all the usual education lobby groups, who want to change the charter school law in ways that further empower school districts and further tie the hands of charter schools. ∴ On the House side, Rep. Wingard sponsored HB2287, which went down on Monday 32-28. THAT bill was the one that would empower charter schools and parents and children. ∴ The two bills are basically opposites, but the media is calling the Senate bill the "less controversial charter bill." Sure. Less controversial, because it does what the OEA, OSBA, COSA and ODE want it to do - make life harder for charters. ∴ Don't criticize the Republicans who voted for the bill in committee, because they were not lobbied on the bill. That was my fault - I was tied up and did not know the bill was being heard. I should have told them the truth about the bill. ∴ But if you have a chance, let everyone in your circle of influence know that SB255 is a bill that hurts charter schools. We need to kill this bill on the House side.

    Rob Kremer


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