Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hong Kong Protests Are Led By Milton Friedman's Children

Freedom: Hong Kong's protests for democracy are clearly read as a danger to the communist tyrants in Beijing. They underscore that this is the land that Milton Friedman once used to teach Americans about free markets. ✧ How else can you explain 17-year-old Joshua Wong, leader of the biggest challenge ever mounted against the gray men ruling Beijing? ✧ The gangly bespectacled leader of the peaceful protest megawave wasn't even born when the Berlin Wall fell or Tiananmen Square's democracy protesters were massacred by China's communists in 1989. Presumably, he would have no knowledge about what William F. Buckley once called "the greatest curse in human history" and be nothing more than a product of his own culture. ✧ Yet that's the culture Friedman chose for his memorable, influential "Free to Choose" PBS series, that expounded to Americans at the dawn of the Reagan era the critical importance of economic freedom.

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