Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dick Morris: Bibi Changes The Debate

3/3/15 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu totally changed the debate on a nuclear Iran in his brilliant speech to Congress Tuesday. ✧ Until he spoke, objections to the emerging draft treaty with Iran centered on technical, arcane issues like the number of centrifuges the agreement would let Iran continue to operate and the level of uranium enrichment it would be permitted to maintain. These technical arguments do not play well in public and assume a level of knowledge that most of us don’t have. It was easy for defenders of the deal to sidetrack our objections. ✧ But Netanyahu changed all that, by making the issue of the agreement’s expiration date the key objection to the treaty. He was quite right that the expiration of a treaty banning nuclear weapons is tantamount to an invitation to proceed with development. That’s an argument we all can understand. It defies logic to invest in a 10- or 15-year deal with as implacable and stubborn a foe as Islamist Iran. A ban must last as long as the offensive regime itself remains in power and does not modify its behavior.

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