Saturday, March 21, 2015

Obama Forced Bibi to the Right — and Bibi Won

By Tom Blumer - "Netanyahu did what was right for Israel — and was rewarded." The conventional wisdom in U.S. presidential campaigns is that candidates win by moving to the center in a contest’s final weeks to capture undecided “moderate” voters turned off by supposedly “extreme” sentiments.

That bromide has always been questionable. It naively and condescendingly assumes that passionate partisans will automatically show up and vote for a squish simply because he or she claims to be on their side. We’ve all heard it: “Where else are they going to go?” Ask Mitt Romney how that worked out two years ago.

Stuck in that mindset, President Barack Obama’s taxpayer-funded election fixers in Israel must have been absolutely thrilled when, just before Tuesday’s elections there, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he no longer supports Palestinian statehood, and that he would support the building of “thousands of settler homes in Arab east Jerusalem to prevent future concessions to the Palestinians.” Read more: PJ Media

Did the Obama administration's removal of Iran and Hezbollah from the DNI's terrorism threat list influence Netanyahu's perceived change of heart? --bc


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