Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oregon’s self-created problem: Lack of affordable housing

By Sen. Doug Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls) - “...the proposed solution is to spend a great deal of other peoples’ money, on yet another government program, to try and solve the problem without addressing its cause.” (snip) A lack of affordable housing has become one of Oregon’s most significant problems. It is reaching a crisis point in places like Bend, where housing stock has not kept up with demand. Working families are struggling to meet their most basic needs for affordable housing.

Since the 1970s, Oregon has pioneered a unique land-use system that heavily regulates the use of every parcel of land in the state. This top-down system restricts the amount of land that cities and counties can zone for residential, commercial and industrial use. Other states have zoning systems in place, but they are not driven by the state government in the same way that Oregon’s statewide central planning regulates landowners. Not one of the other 49 states has chosen to follow our central planning lead since the enactment of Senate Bill 100 in 1973. [Note: SB 100 was signed into law by Republican Governor Tom McCall]

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