Thursday, May 5, 2016

TSJ: Why is state selling a forest without competitive bids?

In August 2015, the Oregon Land Board — Gov. Kate Brown, Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins and Treasurer Ted Wheeler — voted to sell roughly 82,450 acres of “Common School Trust Lands” within the Elliott State Forest because the state was losing money on those lands. --Under Oregon law, School Trust Lands are supposed to make money for schools. --Given the ongoing losses, the board reached the correct decision. Unfortunately, the sale protocol adopted by the Board is bizarre. The board will establish a price for the land based on appraisals, and that will be the only price accepted. If you dare to offer $1 more, your offer will be declared “non-responsive.” Read more at The Statesman Journal

In late 2014, Cascade Policy Institute questioned the Oregon Land Board's management of the Elliott State Forest.


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