Monday, December 27, 2010

iT News: UN talks on Internet Regulation labelled "offensive"

iTnews (au), 12/20/2010 - US Congresswoman offers resolution: Hands off the internet! ∴ US politicians have responded to moves from within the United Nations to form an inter-Government panel to regulate the internet, putting forward a resolution demanding the UN maintain a "hands-off approach". ∴ Responding to an exclusive iTnews report on the United Nations discussion (which overnight became the most read story in iTnews' history), California Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack has put forward a resolution that the United Nations and other international governmental organisations take their hands off the Internet. ∴ Introducing House Resolution 1775 [see full text at link], Mack argued that "the Internet has progressed and thrived precisely because it has not been subjected to the suffocating effect of a governmental organization's heavy hand. ∴ "The attempt of the United Nations to overtake something that is so central to our economy-like the Internet-is offensive and completely out of line," she said. ∴ "We have a hard enough time keeping the Federal Communications Commission's hands off the Internet; imagine having to convince governments like Syria, Iran and Venezuela." Read more at iTnews...


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