Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oregon's Obamacare -- hearing Friday

VICTORIA TAFT, 3/8/2011 - "OregonObamaCare Coming. Unless YOU Stop It! Hearing Friday. After rearranging the construct of DHS and health care delivery in the last legislature (elections have consequences) here, Democrats have set the table for ObamaCare to come to Oregon. This is an unaffordable blank check to establish OregonObamaCare (This isn't what they're calling it. I just thought it looked snappy all mashed up). This bill establish a health care welfare plan, begin the process of taking control of HMO's, rationing care (of course) and, among other things, set up a huge bureaucracy without increasing the number of doctors. ∴ This, of course, will bankrupt the state..." Read more at Victoria Taft...


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