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March 1: Benton County ‘Riparian and Wetlands’ Meeting in Alsea

ALSEA VALLEY VOICE, Last Updated 02/20/2011 - ATTENTION! IMPORTANT MEETING MARCH 1st FOR RIPARIAN AND WETLAND OWNERS - "On Oct 27th Benton County held a meeting to present to the community the results of the county’s project to identify and protect riparian and wetlands. At this meeting it was learned that the county was considering requiring a 50 foot setback from any river, creek, ditch, pond and wetland to be kept in natural vegetation. The county personnel held this meeting and several like it in other parts of the county in order to explain the water project and the resulting inventory to the residents. They also wanted to get the ideas and opinions of the local people before actually writing the regulations. Because only a very few people from Alsea attended this meeting and because possible regulations could affect landowners property rights, the Alsea Citizens Advisory Committee requested that another meeting be held in Alsea. As a result there will be a meeting to explain this project and answer questions and listen to ideas and concerns. This meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 1st at 7 pm at the Alsea Grange. (MORE MEETINGS Feb. 5 and 7)

In order to give Alsea people more opportunity to give their input an OSU graduate student, Julie Ryden, is going to come to Alsea and meet one on one with people in the ACE office in the library on Saturday, March 5th and Monday, March 7th. She will record people’s concerns and present them to the county’s Riparian and Wetlands Advisory Group (RWAG). To sign up for a time slot to talk with her call Mimi Stout at 541- 487-5444 or e-mail. or signup at the March 1st meeting.

Want to learn more? Check the Benton County Riparian and Wetlands Project Inventory draft report in the Alsea Library and/or attend the presentation and meeting that Benton County is holding on Monday, March 1st in the Alsea Library Community Room. More information can be found on the internet at"

Opinion by M Stout

Ever heard of the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21)? This is an agreement with the United Nations signed in 1992 by many countries including being signed by then President George H. Bush. It was never ratified by the U. S. congress but has been quietly implemented little by little by the executive branch of the country. An off shoot of Agenda 21 is the “wildlands project”. The information attached to this article explains things like why the government has closed off and decommissioned so many forest roads, why Benton County created the butterfly zone and now wants to put controls on all the riparian lands in the county. Map

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