Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sanctioned "Sexuality Ed" - Is it Really Child Abuse?

I Spy Radio - Our Guests: Director of Parents Rights in Education, Lori Porter & their Strategic Analyst, Lew Barnes
This week: When parents and grandparents today remember "sex ed" from school, they remember it being about the biology, the “birds and bees,” and other basics like contraception. But not under Governor Kitzhaber. It’s no longer "sex education," it’s "sexuality education" that delves into values, lifestyles, and gender identity, offers explicit sexual content, and encourages promiscuous behaviors. Even more shocking, it's not just for high school and middle-school students, the curriculum is written for K-12.

Think about it: if someone off the street were to hand your children the materials and adult products that is being pushed in school -- under government mandates -- people would be going to jail for it. And Governor Kitzhaber is not only attached to this program but sanctions it. Even more ironic is this is being taught in our classrooms by teachers who are mandatory reporters.

Governor Kitzhaber's office has been rocked lately by allegations of fraud and conflicts of interest. We may have uncovered another conflict of interest regarding contracts and funding occurring under the Governor’s watch. Dennis Richardson may need to call for a second independent prosecutor.

Be sure to tune in this week to find out the shocking details of what is happening behind closed doors at schools all across Oregon, what your rights are, and what you and your local school board can do about it.

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