Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cruz splits the apple [William Tell style]

The Belmont Club's Richard Fernandez at PJ Media makes an analogy between crack-shot William Tell and candidate Ted Cruz in a post he titled "William Cruz". He writes:

    Michael Van Der Galien has tried to understand why the Ted Cruz presidential candidacy announcement has set social media on its ear and advances a tentative theory. “But why are leftists’ heads exploding as well? I’ve got no doubt I know the answer: they fear him. Tremendously even. He is everything they oppose: a true, small-government conservative.” If that were all Cruz were guilty of it wouldn’t be half bad. It’s far worse. His “Imagine” speech seemed calculated to ridicule every Leftist shibboleth with predictable effect. The Left lost no time characterizing him as a Christian bigot, a patriarchal supremacist...
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