Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Talk about laugh: How China Turned Obama Into Its Useful Green Idiot

China’s approach to international energy and environmental policy can be summed up very simply: tell the idiot gwai lo whatever they want to hear – then carry on doing what China wants, regardless.  Fortunately for the prospects of the US economy, it would appear that not every US politician has fallen for the risible line, heavily promoted by the Obama administration and its amen corner in the environmental movement, that China cares every bit as much as the West does about the allegedly urgent need to curb global CO2 emissions.  Two who very much haven’t are Republican senators Roy Blunt (Missouri) and Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma) who have just launched a challenge to the bilateral climate change “agreement” reached by President Obama with China last year, whereby both countries have supposedly made a commitment to reducing their “greenhouse gas” emissions.

(Hat tip: KimR)


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